The Pink Gang: Indian Women Attack Injustice

In one of the poorest areas of the world, where women are commonly denied education, subjected to abuse, and married off before they even reach puberty, a group of women is banding together to fight the system.

“Two years after they gave themselves a name and an attire, the women in pink have thrashed men who have abandoned or beaten their wives and unearthed corruption in the distribution of grain to the poor.

They have also stormed a police station and attacked a policeman after they took in an untouchable man and refused to register a case.

‘Nobody comes to our help in these parts. The officials and the police are corrupt and anti-poor. So sometimes we have to take the law in our hands. At other times, we prefer to shame the wrongdoers,’ says Sampat Pal Devi, between teaching a ‘gang’ member on how to use a lathi (traditional Indian stick) in self defence.”

Read the entire story at BBC News.

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