Someone Else’s Things

I read a lot of poetry I don’t like.  Some days I get lucky and find something good right away; other days, I have to plow through a mountain of bad poetry in my search for that one poem that will bring a smile to my lips.  Today was one of those “mountain of bad poetry” days, but I finally found what I was looking for.  It’s a short poem called Someone Else’s Things by Ann Alexander, and it appears at Magma Poetry Online.  Take a moment to click through and read it.


  1. I wanted the poem to end with the hubby being another one of those “other people’s things” the charity shop shopper “get[s] the pleasure” “from using.”

    You’d think, reading published poetry, that the editor will have done your work for you, that only the peaks would pop out of the clouds in their poetry zines (or books!). A lot of it must be taste. Bad Poetry = Poetry I Don’t Like. Not as simple as that, naturally. Lots of competent, well-crafted poems I don’t give a fig for.

  2. Glad you liked Someone else’s things! And good luck with the site. Glenn Ingersoll commented that there are “lots of competent, well-crafted poems I don’t give a fig for.”
    I would second that. I call them “So what?” poems!

    Best wishes

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