How to Destroy or Control Online Information about You

I came across an interesting article called Do You Need a Web Publicist? which talks about the ways to both organize and control online information about yourself.

“The Internet has matured to a point where so much of one’s life is online that some people need methods of self-promotion and self-protection, concepts usually associated with the imagemakers of politicians and Hollywood stars. As more employers, workers, and singles use the Internet to check someone out, the idea of managing one’s online presence doesn’t sound so strange.”

The article goes on to talk about some sites you can use to manage you online identity.

  • ClaimID:  Consolidate information about yourself and obtain a universal password for a large selection of social sites, such as LiveJournal and Technorati.  (This is great for those of us internet addicts with various pages scattered across  the web.)
  • Naymz:  Another service for organizing your online information.  This site will push your page to the top of any searches for your name.
  • Reputation Defender:  Founded by a Harvard Law grad, this company will search out information about you (or your child) and provide you with a report.  For an extra fee, they’ll also go after people who have content you want removed.

Very interesting stuff.  Anybody who spends any amount of time putting information on the web will find this article useful.

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