Top Searches: Funny and Unexpected Keywords Searched for

Lists of popular words searched for on the internet are a good place to get ideas on what to blog about, and every once in awhile, I’ll use those to inspire me to write.  That’s how I came up with the article Does Smoking Marijuana Make You Smarter?  It seems that marijuana is one of the most searched keywords in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

As I was going through the top searches recently, I realized there were a lot of strange searches going on, so I thought I’d share.


Top Searches You’d Expect

Of course, there are the usual popular searches you’d anticipate.  Britney Spears is always ranked high in the search engines, but interestingly, beat out by searches for dogs in one search engine results list.  Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, and funnily, viagra are popular search words (but I guess not that funny if you’re the one searching for viagra).  The term free essays is also predictably popular.


Top Searches You Wouldn’t Expect

Among the usual top searched for keywords were some that I didn’t see coming.  Dogfart is apparently an extremely popular search.  Spanking, dogpile, and crack also rank high.  Surprising in a good way were top ranked word searches for poem, poetry, and love poems.  Yes!  There are still literate people in the world somewhere.


Top Searches For Words I Didn’t Know Existed

Okay.  So this was going to be the section where I talked about top searched for words I never heard of before.  I thought we’d both learn something new.  I learned something new alright.  I found out when googling them that most of my new words were either gaming terms or sexual practices I’d never heard of before (and would have been quite happy never knowing about).  So…uh…we’re going to to just skip that section.


Top Search Listings

Here are the top keyword sites I used to write this article.


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