The World Owes Me a Robot

I have a phone small enough to carry in my pocket and strong enough to call someone on the other side of the globe.  I have a computer that can instantly access information from all over the world about any topic I can think of.  I have my entire music collection on a tiny device that is slightly thicker than a credit card.  Yet, I do not have a robot.

And I would just like to take a moment to say… why the heck not?!

I want my robot, and I want it now, people.  And I’m not talking about a stupid Roomba either.  That is not a robot, and they should stop calling it one.  It’s a machine that vacuums:  it’s a vacuum machine.  And a fairly crappy one at that, from what I understand.

I should be hearing the wonderful pitter patter (or clunk clunk) of little robot feet right now as it walks through the house, cleaning my dishes, folding my laundry, and feeding my cat.  Instead, all I hear is the heartbreaking silence of a robotless home.

While I will most likely be dead before my robot prayers are answered, here are some innovative projects that will perhaps lead to a bright, robot-filled future for generations to come.

  • Real-life Transformers:  Carnegie Mellon University, CMU, Intel, and the U.S. Air Force are working to create swarms of electro magnetic robots, each the size of a grain of sand, that can form and re-form different 3D shapes, including replicas of humans.
  • Kiddie Companion & Tutor, Zeno:  A cute character designed for kids (but I want one, too).  From Hanson Robotics, Zeno uses artificial intelligence software to carry on conversations.  He’ll also have his own moods and make his own decisions.
  • Thought-Controlled Robot:  The University of Washington is experimenting with controlling robots solely through the use of brain waves.
  • Anybots:  A company in California is working on developing my dream robot — household helpers.
  • PePeRo — Cutest of All Robots:  A personal and rather precious-looking robot designed to be a home companion.  It tells jokes, too.
  • Robot Chef:  The Technical University of Munich is developing a robot that can help out in the kitchen and even go online to learn new things and add to its knowledge and abilities.
  • Care-O-Bot:  This robot, being developed in Germany, is designed to assist the elderly with basic medical needs, such as monitoring vital signs, helping to lift and support the infirm, perform common tasks like setting the table, and more.

My love for technology, a childhood filled with sci-fi shows and novels, and my general laziness all combine to assure me of one thing — the world owes me a robot.

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