Poem: Maya Blue (at Chichen Itza)

Read a fantastic poem over at the online literary journal, Strange Horizons (so you already know I’m going to like the site because it has “strange” in the title – haha).  Anyway, this poem is by Ann K. Schwader, called Maya Blue (at Chichen Itza), and it starts out:

Imperishable blue this bitter sky
that Chaak abandons, brighter day by day
until maize withers. Soon the rain-priests say
someone—or all of us—must go to die.

Read this entire poem about the Mayan Civilization.  Then tell me what you think!  You can also visit poet Ann K. Schwader’s official site where it looks like you can purchase one of her many books (I like the quote by Joshi on her homepage which talks about Schwader’s  “standing as one of the leading weird poets of our time.”)  She also currently has a hardcover book on amazon.com called Strange Stars & Alien Shadows: The Dark Fiction of Ann K. Schwader.


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