Hamster Fiction — The Next Big Thing?

Time after time, people write to me and say, “Edie, where I can I go to find spectacularly written stories about hamsters?”  Okay, nobody has ever actually asked me that, but if they did, I would have to tell them:  Tooty Nolan.

Tooty Nolan is the pen name of the eccentric and exceedingly funny author of 4 separate series of wildly entertaining stories, all featuring a world where humans never evolved, but rodents did.  Chapter 1 of his Fanfare for the Common Hamster series, begins:

As a hamster Felicity Bugler wasn’t much of a looker. She was too short to begin with. And her buttocks just didn’t seem to have that tapering effect that so pleased a male hamster’s eye.

These stories take place at locations like “The Institute of Highly Important Studies” and are filled with whitty phrases like Who the fluff is that?” 

You can find all 4 of his series on Tooty Nolan’s blog The Bucktooth Times:

I could see these being published, and Nolan is currently looking into doing just that.  Be among the first to discover this author and read them now while they’re free.

(Edit:  Tooty has moved blogs and I’ve updated the links in this post to reflect that.  Also, these stories are now available for purchase, and you can read extracts on the blog.)

You can also find out more about Tooty Nolan on his About the Author Page which features various photos, across the decades, of his werewolf-like hairiness, including one of him with his (thankfully non-hairy) child.  (He’s actually kind of goodlooking underneath all that hair.)


  1. I love Tooty’s work. Tooty is an amazing person, an amazing writer and his stories are VERY, VERY good. Nice post.

  2. the gerbilize gals love his work too and have posted two of his fiction pieces on our blog. check out his latest submission: http://gerbilize.wordpress.com/2009/05/20/submission-16-more-hamster-fiction/

  3. Eric – thanks for commenting. 🙂

    Gerbilize — OMG love your site!

  4. How extremely nice of Eric and the Gerbilize gals to say such nice things about me. Thanks everyone – though I’m not sure that I entirely deserve such accolades. But you never know – I might. Oh, and by the way – my stuff”s available as PDF downloads on Lulu as from now. So anyone reading this – rush over to Lulu and buy, buy, buy all of your favourite ribald tales of Hamster Britain!

  5. […] it years ago on one of his many deleted sites)? Well read for yourself. The original entry is HERE. The follow-up, when she learned that Tooty was publishing the hamster-britain books, is […]

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