Tasty Turkey: Is Your Butterball Second Rate?

According to an article titled Talking ’bout Turkey in the Honolulu Weekly, the mass-produced turkeys that 99% of us eat at Thanksgiving…

…are injected with saline solution and vegetable oils to make up for the lack of taste and moisture in the meat.

The article goes on to state that heritage turkeys, the kind your great grandparents cooked up for holiday meals, are far superior to what most of us are used to having:

Heritage breeds of turkeys–the Narragansett, Bourbon Red, Jersey Buff and Standard Bronze turkeys, among others–may be smaller in size than supermarket turkeys, but are big in taste, which has contributed to their growing popularity. The rich-tasting meat of heritage turkeys is considered moister and more flavorful than the mass-produced Broad Breasted Whites.

While the mass-produced birds can have debilitating health problems and are often raised under cruel conditions, like never being allowed to leave the cage, the heritage birds are raised in a more humane, natural farm environment.  

The heritage birds cost more, but those in the know claim the cost is well worth the superior taste.

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