Twilight – 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Vampire Movie and its Stars

Twilight, the hit vampire movie based on the bestselling books by Stephanie Meyer, was described by as “the sweet spot where Gothic literature and the iPod meet and make goo-goo eyes at each other.”  Whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about Twilight, but here are 6 things you might not have heard…

1) Author, Stephanie Meyer’s top pick to play teen vamp heartthrob, Edward Cullen, was Henry Cavill, and not Robert Pattinson (of Harry Potter “Cedric” fame) who eventually got the role.  In a pre-film interview with the website Motley Vision, Stephanie Meyer stated:

“I’m a very visual person — when I read a book, I usually cast it in my head as I go. So, long before I knew I was writing a novel, I was already casting my characters. My favorite actor for Edward is Henry Cavill (a little known British actor who played Albert, the teenage son in the most recent version of The Count of Monte Cristo). I feel really passionately about him getting the role, and, should I ever get a chance to talk to anyone about any aspect of the movie, his name will be the first words off my tongue.” 

2) Robert Pattinson, although adored by millions of female fans, is self conscious about his looks.  In fact, he was mortified when he had to shoot a scene shirtless when filming Twilight.  Pattinson told a reporter:

“That whole scene…just having to take your shirt off for a guy when you’re not exactly like a gym bunny, especially when you’re supposed to be, it was one of the most embarrassing days of my life.”

3) Kristen Stewart’s car also had a role in Twilight.  Kristen, who plays Bella, the human high school girl in love with a vampire, bought her on-screen dad’s truck when the movie was over and drove it home, according to her interview with

4) Vampire bad-boy, Cam Gigandet, discovered the book, Twilight, fell in love with the story, and was planning on making the movie himself a couple of months before he found out a movie was already in the works…by the same company he was filming another movie with.

5) The actors who played vampires in Twilight prepared for their roles and the way that vampires move by watching videos of big cats and working with a dance choreographer.  Cam Gigandet told

“We actually watched numerous cat videos, like tigers and lions and all sorts of things, because they move with such a grace and speed and power and make it look so easy. Not that we’re running around like cats, but there’s that movement. It’s very fluid, so we worked on that as much as we possibly could. And we even worked with a dance choreographer to get in touch with our bodies.”

6) 16-year-old actor and new driver, Taylor Lautner, would often get to the set early, partly to show the producers he could drive.  Lautner told a reporter at MTV:

“I’ve got my license in my back pocket to show them I’m Ok and that I won’t kill them … hopefully.”

For more Twilight facts and info, visit some of the links above.

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  1. I really love this!!!! ‘Twilight’ 4ever!

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