The Poet is a Playwright, Brett Hursey

Brett Hursey was previously featured here for his (awesomely cool) poetry.  I emailed him recently to see what he was up to, and the answer was — writing plays.  Apparently, he’s really good at that, too, because two of his one-act plays are being featured in off-broadway productions this year.

If you are fortunate enough to be in New York while they’re playing, you might be able to catch one of his productions:

Shakespeare Lives!  Sweetness and Light Productions.  It’s Avant-Garde for the Avant-Bard…to be performed July 8-19, 2009, at Theatre 54 at Shetler Studios.  Theatre 54 is a 60-seat black box theater located two doors down from Studio 54 on 54th Street, right off Broadway.

Also look for Speed Bumps, put on by the Rapscallion Theatre Collective, coming this year.  It’s part of the 3rd Annual “Salute UR Shorts” New Play Festival which will be taking place at the Access Theatre at 380 Broadway.

If you’d like to learn more about Hursey or read some of his poetry, see one of these previous posts:

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