My Cousin Was Electrocuted

I got a text that my cousin was in the hospital.  I called back to see why and was told my cousin was electrocuted!

Now, the most inappropriate response you can have to being informed that someone was electrocuted is to laugh, but that’s exactly what I did because it was just so unexpected and bizarre to hear those words.  I was just like, “Hahaha…what?!!”

Apparently, my cousin was moving out of her place because the landlord never fixed anything that broke.  In fact, the landlord had just been cited by the fire department less than 2 weeks before for a number of violations, one of them being faulty wiring.

Ironically, the electrocution happened on what was supposed to be the last time she was in that home.  She was getting the last of her stuff when she saw what looked like tissue sticking out of the wall.  She didn’t know that the tissue, or whatever it was, was covering exposed wires.  She touched it and was electrocuted and thrown across the room.

Fortunately, a friend was with her who was able to call 911.  The EMTs and doctors all told her she was lucky to be alive.  The current traveled through her finger, down her body, and out her toe.  If it had gone through her heart or brain, she would not be alive right now.

She’s stable now and has been released from the hospital but has months of physical therapy ahead of her.  The electricity effects the muscles (her arms feel really heavy), and there’s always the danger of future problems caused by damage to the internal organs.


  1. Oh my gosh, how awful! I hope your cousin has a full recovery. Please give her my best.

  2. Thank you, Sharon.

  3. Has your cousin had any additional side effects from the electrical shock she incurred? My father was shocked with 250 volts of electricity 9 years ago and continues to have ailgments that he will live with for a lifetime. It is my hope that your cousin had a full recoevery and has not after effects.

    • Hi, Lisa. I’m sorry to hear that happened to your father, too. As far as I know, my cousin is doing okay. Thank you for your concern.

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