I Just Discovered an Amazing Poet – Giselle Di Paolo

Scattered across the globe, in little corners of the world wide web, extraordinarily talented people practice their various crafts, largely unseen and underappreciated, like wild, exotic flowers blooming in a hidden forrest.

Today, I happened to wander across one such gifted soul and her self-named poetry blog, Giselle Di Paolo.  I was both blown away and inspired by her work, especially the poem, The Whirling Wounded, which hit a little too close to home and made me sad, yet hopeful.

Here are three excerpts from three different poems on just the first page of her blog.  Click on the titles to read each piece in its entirety.

The Whirling Wounded

If my wounds could speak up
they’d say, we’re not going away
and we’re not strangers, we’re not hermits
we have so much to express
That’s why we press into your chest
That’s why we bend you at your knees

Mitchell, My Moment Man and Me

if you’d let me stay in the future and the past
then I’d still be listening for my dreams in some strange man’s words
and holding out my arms to anybody smart enough to say I need you

My Devotion Story

there once was a woman
so free
she made the birds feel trapped
they would watch her and wonder
what it would be like to fly

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