One-Man Poetry Wrestling Show

I’m sorry I missed this because I’m sure I’ll never see anything like it anywhere else.  I’m talking about Jeff Kass’ one-man performance poetry show where he simultaneously wrestles.  One-man wrestling would be interesting enough, but one-man wrestling while reciting poetry?  Priceless.

By day, Kass is a high school creative writing teacher.  He was featured in a recent article in The Ann Arbor Chronicle:

The wrestling metaphor relates to his own struggles as a teacher, and by extension, to the same challenges that all teachers face: Preconceptions, an unwillingness to make emotional investments, fear of young people. This last one, Kass contends, results in efforts to control kids with dress codes, surveillance cameras, hall monitors and the like – actions that have proved controversial at Pioneer. “To me, that comes from a place of fear,” he says.

And here’s a little piece of poetry by Kass from a poem called Today I Throw Open These Doors that I snagged from

“In this classroom, let there be radiance
let there be arrows and light and sound
let there be lovely,”

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