If I Won the Lottery – Cute Poem

The only time I play the lottery is out of fear.  If my co-workers all go in on a ticket, I’ll opt in.  I don’t want to be the only fool still drudging away in my little cubicle while everyone else is off vacationing in Tahiti.  I think of it as insurance money.

Even though I rarely play, when I do, I start thinking what would I do with the money?  Everyone probably has that little what-if moment when they fantasize about life after the lottery.  Poet, Jim Desmond, has turned that what-if moment into a poem titled Winning the Lottery:

If I could win the lottery, a gross and vast amount,
I’d open up an easy access high interest account.
I’d choose a house that’s big enough for me, the kids and wife.
I’d cast aside my worries and I’d live a stress free life.
A nice flash car to drive around, some smart designer clothes,
I’d give my wife all she desired and every day a rose…

Go to Jim’s Winning the Lottery Poem page to read the entire poem, or visit his poem directory page to read more of this work.

So, what would I do if I won the lottery?  The biggest thing for me is what I wouldn’t do–work.  As for what I would do, maybe foster dogs in need of a home, write a novel (even if it turned out to be crappy), help my dad with his bills, and hire a personal trainer.

What would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. What would i do if I won the lottery. Smile obviously. A lot. Then publish my own damned stories – especially since no one else will!
    I just received a rejection letter by the way. Two actually. Now where’s my ticket – I must check the latest results…

  2. “Smile obviously. A lot.” Haha. Ain’t that the truth.

    As for the rejection slips, everyone rejected Beatrix Potter’s work at first, too, and she ended up being one of the best-selling authors of her time. Publishers didn’t think the first Harry Potter book would sell that well, and look how that turned out. If it’s different, publishers don’t always “get it” at first. Keep at it — you’re really good at what you do.

  3. It’s been a long time since I jotted that one down. Thank’s for pointing to it and I’m pleased you like it.

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