Self Help Book – Success and Life Organization

Just bought this book on amazon the other day:  The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.  It was coauthored by Jack Canfield, the New York Times best selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, so if anyone is qualified to give advice on success, it’s him.

I’m still waiting for it to arrive, but I just discovered that a large portion of this book is available online through google books (cool).  Now I don’t have to wait to start reading it.

You can read a review of The Success Principles at The Brunei Times.  Here is an excerpt from that review:

“The success principles recommended by Jack Canfield are simple, back-to-basic common sense tips but yet, sometimes the simplest things in life are always the ones that we tend to disregard…”

I was attracted to this book because it looks like it offers both psychological insights into what holds us back from being as productive as we can and achieving our goals, as well as a practical system for getting organized, including what to do with all those little scraps of paper on your desk and unfinished projects around your home.  (You should see my desk and my house — I seriously need this book!)

Canfield has also coauthored a book geared toward teenagers called The Success Principle for Teens.  If I feel the book helps me after I read it, I will probably buy this version for my nephews.


  1. This looks like a book I need. Hmmmm. I love the idea of getting organized. I need a system for staying organized.

  2. […] idea how to go about getting a book published beyond looking at various publisher sites, but the Success Book I’m reading says the first step in getting what you want is deciding what you want, so […]

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