Best Blog Ever (Besides Mine of Course)

I think I have possibly found the best blog ever:  Be More Fancy.  I love the style the blog is done in, with crazy photos throughout each post that serve to emphasize whatever subject matter is being discussed.  The writing style, too, is wonderful.  See for yourself:

I woke up last night to a bad dream. Well, I guess I went to bed with it. It was hovering, I recognized it knocking on me and could not pin it down or Jedi mind trick it away.

The previous is from a post called I am so stressed! Venting!  Be More Fancy is written by “Ms Smart.”  A peek at Ms Smart’s profile gives us a clue as to why her blog is also quite smart (and fancy).  Ms Smart is a Director in Adverstising in L.A.  Ahhh…good job Ms Smart.  Love love love the blog.

Ms Smart also twitters at


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  1. Thank you for the visit and kind words. You’re invited, jump on board people.

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