Middle Aged — That Phrase is Getting Old

I recently had a birthday, and I’m wondering how long I can go on describing myself as “middle-aged.”  People seem to hold on to that term for far longer than it applies to them.  At some point, you have to stop shutting out reality and just admit you’re old.

What’s the official year one switches from being a “middle-aged woman” to a “really old chick”?  And do I have to stop using the term “chick” altogether?  Is it time to start referring to myself, and everyone else, as “gal”?

These are the questions that plague me today.


  1. I figure the halfway point is as good as any to call it quits with the middle age identifier. I’m 43. I plan to live to be 94, therefore the I will have to stop calling myself middle age when I pass my 48th birthday ( 47 being the halfway mark.) I also think the term “Old Dame” has a certain classy feel.

    If you are really smart ( and less realistic about your life expectancy) you will plan to live to be 120 years-old. This gives you until you’re 61 in the middle age category.

    Hope that helps. I also have a great formula that tells you how many martini’s you have to drink before you can call yourself a lush. It has to do with time zones and tides. Very complex stuff.

    I enjoy your blog immensely. Please keep writing.


    • Thanks for your very entertaining comment, Anna! I’m in my 40s, too, but I’m pessimistic about my life expectancy, so I probably should have stopped calling myself middle-aged awhile ago, I guess, LOL.

      Love your blog, btw. Very much enjoyed reading about what every girl out to know. Funny stuff.

  2. Yikes! I’m 43 and don’t yet consider myself middle aged.

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