Theresa Bane, Author and Vampirologist

Yeah, you read that title right.  Theresa Bane is a real-life, honest-to-God vampirologist.  Which means she makes her living studying and writing about vampires.


Check out her book, Actual Factual: Dracula, A Compendium of Vampires.  The thing I find most intriguing about this book is that it explores vampire mythology pre-Bram Stoker.  This is a myth that goes back far beyond the novels we’re familiar with, and real people were really afraid of being victimized by vampires back in the day.

Other books by this author include Haunted Historic Greensboro and The Bloodthirsty Weasels: On the Loose And Buck Wild.  You can visit her website and blog at

You can also follow Theresa on Twitter at


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  1. Hey there and thanks for the mention. I am very flattered that you thought enough of my book to mention it on your blog. I just sent off my newest book, “Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology” to my editor at McFarland, I suspect it will come out next spring and will be available in both dead-tree and e-book formats.

    QtR – Theresa Bane

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