City of the Future Using Green Technology We Have Today

The Green MegaCity is a virtual “eco-savvy blueprint” for the city of the future — using technology that has already been invented.  Very cool graphic interface, so you can see what the city looks like, as well as read about the innovations which would make this a futuristic paradise.

Now if we can just get somebody to build it.

Donald Trump, are you reading this?…


  1. That’s a home for an idealised human race. Sadly I don’t think we deserve it. But you never know…one day…

    • Well, if nothing else, the site is food for thought for sci-fi writers.

      • Nice to see you back, by the way. You were absent for quite a while. I was becoming concerned.

  2. Thanks. I’ve been sort of obsessed with Twitter lately, so I took a little break from the blog.

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