Online Literary Journals 2

Online literary journals are abundant on the web, but for some reason can be difficult to find.  I’ve gathered together in one place 10 links to different literary journals that have been featured in the last 3 months or so here at A Bunch of Wordz.  These literary magazines often feature poetry, short stories, articles, nonfiction, book reviews, and more.

Readers will want to click on the main page, while links to the call for submission guidelines have also been provided for writers looking to submit their work.

To see even more online literary journals and submission guidelines, see my previous post Online Literary Journals 1.


Online Literary Journals 1

I’ve featured a lot of links to online literary journals in previous posts, and I thought it would be good to gather them all into one spot, both for literature lovers looking for something to read and for writers searching for places to submit their work.  Following is a list of currently active online literary magazines that appeared in posts here at A Bunch of Wordz in the summer of 2007, with links to both the main page and the submissions page.