Header Graphic August/September 2008

The current header artwork for A Bunch of Wordz is courtesy of the following photographers and artists:

So the graphic is a compilation from me in the U.S., the Phillipines, the Netherlands, and Italy.  Isn’t the internet cool??  Thanks, everyone!


Thanks Zanetta Hardy for June Header Photo

Zanetta Hardy of Pennsylvania is this month’s featured photographer here at A Bunch of Wordz.  You can see more of Zanetta’s photos on the stock xchange.

Thank You Ozan Uzel for the May 2008 Header Photo

Ozan Uzel is this month’s featured photographer here at A Bunch of Wordz. Ozan lives in Turkey and has a lot of cool nature shots, as well as a variety of other subjects, which you can view (and download) at his online gallery at stock xchange.

April 2008 Header Photo Courtesy of “The Franz”

Thank you to Fran Priestly for this black and white photo of his sister, Sarah, which is the April 2008 header photo here at A Bunch of Wordz.  Fran, a.k.a. “The Franz,” is a graphic design major.  You can view and download more of his work at the stock xchange here.

November Header Photo Courtesy of Petr Kurecka

Thank you to Petr Kurecka from the Czech Republic for the November header photo. I think this is a self portrait.  He makes a good model and has a very nice, friendly face — it makes me want to be his friend.  🙂  Petr has a lot of excellent photos of various people available, and you can view and download more of his work at the stock xchange here or visit his website here.

October 2007 Photo Courtesy of Bina Sveda

I wanted a darker photo for the October header, and Bina Sveda came through for me.  This photo is titled Darker Emotions.  Just so you know what goes into this process, I literally look at over 1,000 photos, bookmark about 100, and then choose 1 from there.  So Bina’s photo really stood out from the rest.  Her screen name on the stock.xchng is binababy12, and you can view and download more of her photographs here.

September 2007 Photo Courtesy of Samantha Villagran

Thank you to Samantha Villagran for the September header photo entitled “Sam Close Up.” You can view and download more of her work at the stock xchange here.