There’s No Place Like Traznok

One of the many marvelous things about technology is that it often gets used in new and unexpected ways.  Such is the case with The Sims and The Sims 2, video games where you can create people (known as sims), move them into houses, have them start families, get jobs, make friends, etc. (or, if you enjoy a bit more mayhem, destroy their house and have them divorce, lose their jobs, and fight  with their friends).

One of the many opportunities for creativity in this game is the use of the simplistic story feature within the game (I’m guessing originally put in there for players to have a record of what was going on in their game or to share their gameplay with others) to create complex and artistic works of fiction.  When creating a sims story, the author also creates pictures to go along with the text.

A great example of this art form is a sci-fi comedy from an author known by the screen name, Scout, called “There’s No Place Like Traznok.”  Here is an excerpt:

I couldn’t believe they were speaking English. I stood stunned for a moment before finally managing to choke out a few words. “I … can … understand … you.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” the grey creature said turning towards me. “I thought I might have damaged your brain when I dropped it.”

My hands flew to my head franticly feeling for damage. My head felt normal and thankfully my hair was still there.

“Don’t worry. I managed to get you all back together. Only had one piece left-over. A new personal record for me.”

As of the this posting, the story is yet unfinished, but the first two chapters will have you waiting on the edge of your seat for more.  That is, if you can still sit in your chair if you end up laughing as hard as I did when I read it.

Read the story here or find more sim stories on the story section of the Sims 2 Community Forums.