Attention Students:

Do you hate it when you try to read an essay online and you have to pay to see more than a paragraph?  Does it make you mad?  Me, too!

Why I’m Putting My Essays Online

As a college student, I like to read the essays of other students and scholars before I start putting together my own.  It helps me to see what other angles people have approached a subject from, and I also discover things about certain texts that I would have otherwise overlooked.

However, I am getting tired of clicking on what I think is an essay only to find that it is some cheesy, pay-to-read site; or worse, a website for people offering to write my essay for a fee (no thanks).  Even the research on Google Scholar is mostly monetary; only about ten to 20 percent is free, and I can’t tell which ones are free until I click through.  (Lame.)

That is why I decided to post all of my own essays here so that other students could have free access to them.  I have gotten an “A” on all of the essays posted.

Why You Should Put Your Essays Online, Too

I encourage other students to put a section on their blog or website, too, where they can share their essays with others for free.  Forget those pay-to-view sites!  Keep the internet the way it should be:  easy access to free information for everyone.  If you are a student who has essays online, let me know, and I will link to your site (no return link required).

The Essays

(More to come!)

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