Travel Poems by Little Known Authors

I love traveling and travel poems and have written quite a few myself.  Authors Den is a website where authors and poets can go to post their work, and readers can browse by subject, including travel poems.

I read through a few of the travel poems on the site today, and here are the beginnings of 5 of my favorites.  You can click each title to read the entire poem or click on the author’s name to find out more about them.

1) Seattle by Eileen Clemens Granfors

A kaleidescope of umbrellas disembarked
Hovering above trench coats, uniform in tan and black,
Faces awakening to the day, shielded and mufflered;
Gray clouds, heavy as cement, obliterated expected signals of time

2) Haiku Journey by Gene Williamson

blurred in my train window
ancient cork trees

flight to malaga
the small plane so crowded
I have to stand

3) Athens After Dark also by Gene Williamson

By day we cruise the Aegean Sea,
with a short layover at Hydra, magic
isle where the only transport
is noisy mopeds and tired feet.
By night we relax over drinks
at a table in Constitution Square,
talking home with three hometown
sailors on leave from a cruiser

4) When There Are No Words by Brian M. Morrisey

It is 9:50 a.m. here in Changchun, China
in the distant light of mid-May
on a plane to Shenzhen
while everyone I know
sleeps nine hours behind me
along the abyss of California coastline

5) Typical British Weather Forecast by David M. Darbyshire

(A short, 4-line, funny poem.  I’m not going to quote it because by the time I do, I will have re-published the entire poem.  So, just click on the link to read it.)

If you want more, go to the travel poems category page at Authors Den.  There doesn’t appear to be a screening process, but for a site that allows authors to post their own work, there is a surprisingly large amount of good poetry to be found here if you’re willing to sift through it.