Professional Sarcasm — The Celebrity Interview

Ken Levine, well-known Hollywood director, writer, and producer (M.A.S.H., Cheers), penned a very funny and sarcastic piece on How to Interview a Celebrity.  He gives young entertainment journalists advice such as:

“Never EVER talk about yourself or bring up any topic other than her. She will stare at you in disbelief like you just killed her puppy.”


“Once the budding young diva starts yammering learn what is print-worthy and what is just utter brain-dead nonsense. Listen carefully because often you won’t be able to distinguish one from the other.”

The article appears on Levine’s Blog at the internet newspaper, The Huffington Post.  I also like his take on the backstage workings of American Idol.

You Had Me At Idiot

You Had Me at Idiot is a blog and a book, and Paul Stoecklein is a comedian and a blogger and a poet.  He writes poetry for people who hate poetry.  Here is an excerpt from The Dreamy Dream Poem:

“The effervescent silver moonlight danced in the air, or some crap like that.

And then… I saw something.

At first I didn’t know what it was.

But it turns out it was just this big ugly skank driving a minivan.

And she kept swerving over into my lane, almost hitting me, because she was talking on her stupid cell phone that she probably bought from some GED loser working at one of those kiosks that you see in the malls.”

And here is an excerpt from his blog post, The Trial of Adolph Calvin:

“For me, there are two warning signs not to trust a person. First, I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs. Second, I don’t trust people who don’t appreciate the show Cops. Honestly, what could possibly be better than sitting on a couch with your dog, watching an overweight crack ho being chased down an alley by an overweight policeman and an overweight cameraman? That is art.”

Go to the main page of Paul’s blog, visit his website which includes a short video of him doing part of his comedy routine, or buy one of his books, Stand-Up Comedy Virgins or You Had Me At Idiot.