1800s Cure for Deafness and Other Maladies

Sunnispace has posted some excerpts from a book published in 1852 that she recently bought called Ladies’ Indispensable Assistant, which claimed to help women of the time with everything from caring for canary birds to curing cancer (a recipe which called for the patient to drink a concoction made from, among other things, the very poisonous plant, hemlock). 

Here is the cure for deafness, according to the author:

Take ant’s eggs and onion juice, mix and drop into the ear; or, drop into the ear at night six or eight drops of warm chamber lye.

This becomes even more disturbing when you realize that “chamber lye” is actually urine.

Read the entire post titled Advice from the 1800’s at Sunnispace’s blog.  It’s a very nice little blog, mostly about family life, and you can visit the homepage here.

Deaf Man Visciously Attacked for Not Engaging in Conversation

Okay, so this is horrible.  Some idiot cashier named Ricky Benard Young in Fort Worth Texas attacked one of his customers with a crowbar when the customer wouldn’t speak to him.  Turns out the victim, 31-year-old Cody Goodnight, was deaf.  The only smart thing Young did — erased the videotape before the cops got there. 

Check out how the scumbag loser tried to lie and weasel his way out of the situation when the cops showed up:

“At one point, Young told officers, Goodnight mumbled something that Young thought was racial in nature, [Lt.] Sullivan said. Young told officers he struck Goodnight because he thought Goodnight was going to assault him.

After officers told Young that Goodnight was deaf and unable to communicate verbally, Young responded ‘Oh,’ Sullivan said.”

Yeah, “oh,” as in “oh — no amount of lying is going to get me out of this one.”  I hope this bottom feeder ends up getting the maximum sentence.  Read the whole story at the Star-Telegram.