Chick VP – What Bloggers are Saying about Sarah Palin

A chick VP?  Seems cool at first glance.  I decided to take a look around the internet and see what bloggers were saying about John McCain’s pick for what could be our first female vice president, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

First, here’s what I have to say:

anti-gay rights = bigot = I’m not voting for you

That’s a sure-fire formula for losing my vote.  It’s unfortunate that I can’t vote for her because having a female VP would be a fantastic step forward for women’s equality that would reverberate all around the world.

Here’s what other bloggers are saying.  Click on the links to read their full opinions:

Robert of American and Proud, in his post Sarah Palin…..Awesome says:

“I like this pick and I like it alot.  BUT there are some things that the libtards are going to latch onto about her, we are already hearing she is far too pretty to be effective.. Well only if she was in the White House while Bill Clinton was there, and I do believe Sarah Palin is smarter than Monica, so she wouldn’t fall for the “I dropped my cigar under the desk” routine.”

MJ at Ideas and Revolution in the post The choice of Sarah Palin is a slap to the face of woman? says:

“John is like the old boss who hired the young good looking chick who makes a good impression at the front desk but never typed or filed.”

Also read MJ’s post The resume and experience of Obama and Palin compared…

Wajahat Ali at Goatmilk, in the post McCain Unleashes a Cougar for the PUMAs says:

“Her ‘MILF-Cougar’ hotness doesn’t hurt with the polls and Internet chat rooms either…In an utterly shameless stroke of political expediency transparently masquerading as a platform of change, McCain and the Republicans chose Palin to unconvincingly prove they are no longer an elite cabal of upper class, geriatric, White men.”

Mudflats, in the post What is McCain Thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective. says:

“‘Is this a joke?”  That seemed to be the question du jour when my phone started ringing off the hook at 6:45am here in Alaska.  I mean, we’re sort of excited that our humble state has gotten some kind of national ‘nod’….but seriously?  Sarah Palin for Vice President?”

The Spagnoloa Report, in the post The First Female VP says:

“She is not going to be pushed around and she has a great sense of confidence without the ego that haunts Hillary.”

Angry African on the Loose, in the post McCain (and his sidekick): Be afraid… Be very afraid says:

“I mean really. She runs a state that has more reindeer than people… You can’t be serious. Imagine McCain dies on his first day in office. You want her to run the show?”

Anna at 100 Different Things, in her post McCain Chooses Female VP says:

“I’m watching her speech right now…well, she’s not the best speaker. She’s fawning over John McCain of course. She’s trying to appeal to the Hillary supporters, talking about the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling…but somehow I can’t see it working. She is dead-set against abortion and I don’t think most Hillary supporters can stomach that.”

Richard Zowie at Richard Zowie’s WordPress Blog, in his post John McCain picks running mate–Alaskan GOP governor Sarah Palin says:

“She’s smart, articulate, tough, a “hockey mom” whose youngest child has Down’s Syndrome but is loved and adored. They say she also, during her tenure as Alaskan governor, cut wasteful spending and cleaned up corruption.”

Mike at In One Ear… Out the Other, in his post Some more fun facts about Sarah Palin says:

“…presidential scholars call her the least qualified candidate in modern history. Ouch.”

Negative 99, in the post McCain/Palin – A Change for the Better! says:

“…if Battlestar Galactica has taught us anything it’s that a seemingly-inexperienced female educator can be thrust into leadership amid catastrophic circumstances and do just marvelous.”

It was difficult to find pro-Palin blog posts, but to be fair, this might be due to the facts that 1) any major politician running for office is going to be scrutinized and criticized no matter who they are or what they’ve done and 2) it’s probably more fun to blog about someone you don’t like than someone you do.

So what are YOU saying about the chick VP?  Leave a comment and add your voice to the conversation.