It’s Not Chick Porn

Dionne Galace’s It’s Not Chick Porn is a great blog with similar content to A Bunch of Wordzrandomness with an emphasis on literature.  There are writing contests and some original stories posted, along with book reviews and guest authors.  My favorite category is studmuffins.  Dionne has an awesome About Me page:

“…I started a blog because my opinions should be recorded for all time. My thoughts should be shared amongst the masses, and discussed at length like Shakespeare. The sheeple must all genuflect before my brilliance because I’m awesome. I’m also a scholar focusing on literature and am the envy of the entire university—nay, ALL universities. Author, blogger, scholar… I’m a triple threat. We all love books, but let’s face it, I love them more than you and I read faster than anyone alive…”

She also has 2 books out, including her latest, Boundless, a collaborative anthology of fiction.

While you’re wandering around her blog, check out the short story by Tumperkin called The RingPart 1 and Part 2.  This is a supernatural romance told in a humorous way — the style reminded me of MaryJanice Davidson, if you’re familiar with her books.  Here is an excerpt of The Ring:

Will you marry me? I mean, how can two people be so completely not on the same page?

It was literally on the tip of my tongue to say No, sorry, when I saw the ring. I know that sounds just awful, but truthfully, that ring just mesmerised me and the words got stuck in my throat. Charlie was offering it to me on his outstretched palm and as soon as I picked it up, I knew that I had to have it. Even if it meant marrying Charlie.”