Author With A Thousand Names And A Million Books

Lynn Viehl’s author blog, Paperback Writer, is fantabulous.  Take, for example, the post Ten Things That Happened at My Book Signings, #6 of which is:

An ex-boyfriend showed up after twenty years to tell me he should have married me instead of dumping me for the Girl Most Likely to Do Everyone. He’s in insurance now and has four kids. I would like to point out that I did not fervently thank God until after he left.

Another post called What Goes Around, A Timeline of Publisher Evolution, tracks the first spam message back to 1864 via the telegraph, and is told in the same witty and humorous style.

But wait, there’s more.

Lynn also has a number of things you can do on her blog, like:

  • View a list of the approximately five-hundred-million novels she’s written so far
  • Read the approximately five-hundred-million free online stories she’s published so far
  • Read her free how-to writing guide called Left Behind & Loving It Virtual Workshops 2009
  • Read instructional blog posts about how she writes novels
  • Explore a wealth of information in the sidebar, including recent book releases, links to her other blogs, links to other people’s blogs, the thought of the month, and approximately five-hundred-million different writing resources.  Yowza.

You could spend weeks on her site and still have things to see.  What a terrific blog and terrific resource.  If only there were more writers like her.

But wait, there are.

Actually, those other writers aren’t only like her, they are her.  Lynn writes in multiple genres under 5 different pseudonyms (click name to view a list of books at amazon):

She also does vampire novels, one of my favorite genres (see the Darkyn series).  In her spare time (she has spare time??), she quilts, reads, cooks, paints, and knits.  I’m guessing the only thing she doesn’t do is sleep.  Oh, and did I mention she’s ex-military?

To learn even more about this intriguing author, see the author interview at AbsoluteWrite.

Funny Short Story About What Happens to Displaced CEOs

The latest edition of the literary journal, Word Riot, is out, and it includes a short-story/flash-fiction piece called CEO by Billy Middleton.  I thought this was cleverly written…

“I adopted a corporate CEO from the local shelter. He was let out on the street after his company folded, was picked up rooting through dumpsters, running through busy intersections. The volunteer at the shelter told me he was unfriendly…”

To read the rest of the story or hear the story read to you by the author, go here.

Supernatural Romance Free Online Fiction Series

Dionne Galace has yet another great fictional series going on at her blog Dionne Galace, It’s Not Chick PornIf you like supernatural romance, then you don’t want to miss this.  Here’s the premise:

After five years, Daisy Sawyer has finally come home. Not that she’s too happy about it. She had a great life in LA: rubbing elbows with celebrities, hopping from one exclusive bar to the other, and best of all, she didn’t have to answer to anyone. But when a drunken night of partying lands her in jail, the only person she can count on is her estranged brother, Alec, the leader of a powerful were-leopard clan. Forced to choose between a prison sentence or face the life she abandoned years ago, Daisy returns… but she doesn’t have to like it…

Christian LeBeau owes Alec Sawyer his life. He will do anything for the man, even babysit his bratty baby sister. But Christian never imagined that Daisy could grow up to be so beautiful… and forbidden in more ways than one. His mind tells him she is the one woman he can never have, but his body refuses to listen. All he has to do is take care of Daisy until Alec finds her a proper were-leopard to marry… then Chris could wash his hands off her and get on with his life…

Start with Chapter 1 then read the entire serial here.

Pretty Good on Paper

Found a great blog called Pretty Good on Paper.  There’s a plethora of random yet interesting information here including how to keep your password safe and keep a list of passwords that nobody else will be able to decipher, how to fold a piece of paper into the shape of a terrier, and a post on re-reading Stephen King in which he writes:

“I have one of those unique minds that can forget all but a few basic plot elements from a novel I read only a couple of years back. This special skill allows me to enjoy a book just as much upon second, third, or fourth readings. It can save money during those times when you are mainly reading for entertainment or escape.”

You can also see an extensive list of book reviews he has done or, if you’re looking for free stuff to read on the net, you can read some fiction written by this blogger.