What Would Jesus Boycott?

An article was recently posted on beliefnet.com titled Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and the December Culture Wars which I found interesting.  Here is an excerpt:

“…why did the American Family Association boycott the Gap, and threaten Best Buy with the same? Did these retailers disparage Christmas? Not at all, and if they had, I would totally support the boycott against them. They simply had not mentioned Christmas in their advertising. That failure was enough to provoke an aggressive campaign, with the one against Gap just terminated when Gap started running ads which celebrate Christmas.”

Click the link above to read the full article. 

Mike Daniels at Paliban Daily also wrote about the AFA/Gap issue in his article GAP Caves to Fundamentalist “Christmas” Demands, in which he provides copies of correspondence from the American Family Association.  In it, the AFA is not satisfied with a Gap commercial that does mention Christmas because, in part, it’s mentioned along with other holidays, including Winter Solstice. 

My Christmas wish is that people take the holiday season as an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful diversity of the human race and the religious freedom afforded to us by the constitution (that includes all religions) and not as an excuse to be a tool.  AFA tools,  take note.