Chick lit, Blogger Style

Maureen Lipinski’s debut novel, A Bump in the Road, looks like it is written blog-style, which sounds kinda different and interesting.  Here’s a description of the book from the publisher’s website:

When twenty-seven-year-old event planner and blogger Clare Finnegan got married, she didn’t mind moving out of the city. After all, a suburban existence didn’t necessarily equal domesticity, book club parties, and a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. But when, after a weekend in Vegas, Clare discovers she’s pregnant, she is thrown into a world where eating lunchmeat is equivalent to smoking crack and maternity clothes appear to have been molested by a BeDazzler.

Oddly enough, the book mirror’s the author’s own life, who became unexpectedly pregnant shortly after writing this book.

You can also visit the author’s website or read the author’s blog, called Now That You Mention It, Fiction with a Side of Snark.