Needle! Now! Broken!

Wow.  Needle! Now! Broken! by Brett Allen Smith is a short story written in a very different and very cool style.  Me like.  You read:

“He felt the absence immediately upon waking, so obvious that he fell out of his bed, tearing from his arms the tubes that had only the day before been preserving him. And as he fell, he felt the tubes tugging the length of his own tubes, the organic ones inside, and for an instant he knew with stabbing certainty that he would be torn inside out.

He was. Oh. He wasn’t at all, actually.

When he hit the ground, the plastic yielded to his weight and snapped, squirting streamers of blood upon release. He laughed with a blissful, forgiving kind of laugh which— oh—in retrospect—ah—seems sad (me already knowing the ending of the story).”

Visit the above link and read the entire story or go to Fringe for more stories, poetry, nonfiction, and other cool stuff.