4AM Poetry Review

If you visit this blog often, you’ve probably witnessed me going on and on about 3AM Magazine (who, by the way, still has not gotten back to me regarding poems I submitted at the beginning of August).  Should I re-submit at the beginning of November? Or just call it a loss and move on?

Anyway, did you know there’s also a 4AM Magazine called 4AM Poetry Review?  It’s mostly a print magazine but does have some stuff online, like this great poem by Rebecca Loudon:

Fool, fool, fool, fool, fool.
She might be pregnant-bloated
face, thighs, hips, hands, mouth.
Love is a stupid feathery thing
that should be shot down with rock salt.”

Read the rest of this poem, called Danses Sacrées et Profanes, at the site, visit the 4AM homepage, or subscribe to the magazine.

WOW — Words on the Web

Words on the Web or “WOW” is an online literary magazine now in its sixth issue.  Check out these excerpts from two short poems in the current edition.

Scene in a Parking Lot by Nic Sebastian:

“I see them in the parking lot
in November she holds him
tight he talks does not stop
talking he pries her arms loose”

The Mountain Afterwards by Gréagóir Ó Dúill:

“The mountain will be the same
       angle, flat-top, drop
when she is no longer here
       and I am.”

Or visit the WOW homepage.