Poetry Workshop Online

A nice woman named Sharon left a comment on one of my posts recently, which I followed to her blog, which I followed to the Books Section of an online UK newspaper called Guardian Unlimited which features a Poetry Workshop where each month a different published poet sets out a challenge for readers and then chooses pieces to critique from the responses.

Sharon, who publishes under the pen name of Ann Walters, had one of her poems, titled Peace, shortlisted and published at the site.  The poem begins:

“She couldn’t see the forest for the origami cranes
that flew from every tree, their wings beating

like a thousand paper ghosts in the shape of

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read the entire poem.


Edit:  I didn’t realize it at the time I originally posted this (for some reason, her name didn’t register — senior moment), but I have also featured a poem of Ann Walters’ previously on this blog here.