New Rock and Roll Poetry Book: Third Rail

The book, Third Rail, features poems inspired by rock and roll.  Guns N’ Roses is the title of a poem by Campbell McGrath which starts out:

“Not a mea culpa, not an apology, but an admission:
there are three minutes in the middle of “Sweet Child o’ Mine”
that still, for all the chopped cotton of the passing years,
for all the muddled victories and defeats of a lifetime,
for all the grief and madness and idiocy of our days,
slay me, just slay me…”

The book has a forward by Bono.  You can purchase it at or read a partial version at google books (which includes the entire version of Guns N’ Roses).  If you like Campbell McGrath, he has written several poetry books you can collect (click here to see a list of Campbell McGrath books available at amazon).


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