Picture Poems

Found this cool website of “picture poems” — poems written on or about pictures. I think the visual provides an added depth to the poems. I’m working on a poetry site right now, and I plan to do something similar.

Unfortunately, some of the links are old, but you can still find a lot of cool stuff here if you look around.  I especially liked I Bet on a Racehorse by Terrell Adsit Neuage.

Two MicroPoems about Two Wasted Girls at a Concert

Saw two things at a concert last weekend that were poem-worthy.  1) Really skinny girl (like drugged-out skinny) dancing spastically (like drugged-out dancing) fall on her face.  2) Middle-aged woman bend over, put her hands on the ground, and shake her (huge) butt in the air, then stand up and proceed to smack her own (huge) butt repeatedly.

Thank you, substance abusers, for the inspiration.  Now, please go get some counseling while I write these poems in your honor.


Messed up rock concert girl,
Spin-art eyes awash with chemical bliss;
Spastic, writhing dance,
Releasing demons to the beat.

by Edie Montgomery-Pool


Liquid denial.
Each sip washes a year from her memory but not her body.
Her sexy drunken dance now just a
Drunken dance.

by Edie Montgomery-Pool

Sensual Poem – Meadow Again

Meadow Again
by Daniel James Burt

Moon hangs, almost full
pieces of cloud scatter,
glide in soft, summer breeze.
We lay in our meadow
listening to the sound of night
her head nestled on my arm.

Night air made for kissing
dances upon our skin
chilling wherever is damp.
She stirs, quietly calls,
my name hangs on summer eve
floats about our meadow.

She sighs, moves closer
snuggling in, once again
her breath stirs, awakens.
Hands join in gentle caress
exploration shared and renewed
oh, so smooth and lovely.

We turn, lips meeting
slow, softly, delicate
building quickly to demand.
Crying out, beginning and end
collapsing, breathing ragged
moon hangs, slightly fuller.

Poem posted with permission of the author (thanks, Daniel!).

Beer Haiku

Beer Haiku Daily is just that – a site featuring a haiku each day having to do with beer and its effects.  For example, here is the entry from last Monday:

That joke from last night
Is even less funny now
Than when you told it.

Great concept; amusing site.  Go check it out now.

On a Steel Gray Day

On a steel gray day
In a forgotten place that once had meaning
The wind slides through barren trees
and plays a haunted tune on a rusty merry-go-round

Check out the rest of this poem, entitled Play, at the blog, Hope for Glamour.  It’s a great short poem and totally worth the read, so invest a few more seconds of your life and click!  You will be rewarded with increased literacy and coolness points.

If I Won the Lottery – Cute Poem

The only time I play the lottery is out of fear.  If my co-workers all go in on a ticket, I’ll opt in.  I don’t want to be the only fool still drudging away in my little cubicle while everyone else is off vacationing in Tahiti.  I think of it as insurance money.

Even though I rarely play, when I do, I start thinking what would I do with the money?  Everyone probably has that little what-if moment when they fantasize about life after the lottery.  Poet, Jim Desmond, has turned that what-if moment into a poem titled Winning the Lottery:

If I could win the lottery, a gross and vast amount,
I’d open up an easy access high interest account.
I’d choose a house that’s big enough for me, the kids and wife.
I’d cast aside my worries and I’d live a stress free life.
A nice flash car to drive around, some smart designer clothes,
I’d give my wife all she desired and every day a rose…

Go to Jim’s Winning the Lottery Poem page to read the entire poem, or visit his poem directory page to read more of this work.

So, what would I do if I won the lottery?  The biggest thing for me is what I wouldn’t do–work.  As for what I would do, maybe foster dogs in need of a home, write a novel (even if it turned out to be crappy), help my dad with his bills, and hire a personal trainer.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

One-Man Poetry Wrestling Show

I’m sorry I missed this because I’m sure I’ll never see anything like it anywhere else.  I’m talking about Jeff Kass’ one-man performance poetry show where he simultaneously wrestles.  One-man wrestling would be interesting enough, but one-man wrestling while reciting poetry?  Priceless.

By day, Kass is a high school creative writing teacher.  He was featured in a recent article in The Ann Arbor Chronicle:

The wrestling metaphor relates to his own struggles as a teacher, and by extension, to the same challenges that all teachers face: Preconceptions, an unwillingness to make emotional investments, fear of young people. This last one, Kass contends, results in efforts to control kids with dress codes, surveillance cameras, hall monitors and the like – actions that have proved controversial at Pioneer. “To me, that comes from a place of fear,” he says.

And here’s a little piece of poetry by Kass from a poem called Today I Throw Open These Doors that I snagged from concentratemedia.com:

“In this classroom, let there be radiance
let there be arrows and light and sound
let there be lovely,”