World’s Smallest Library Fits Into a Phone Booth…Literally

Phone booth libraries are the next big…okay, the next little, tiny thing.  After the bookmobile program shut down in a small English town, the residents set up a community-run, 24/7, book-swapping library in a defunct phone booth.

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The Abstinence Teacher

I’ve decided to feature write-ups on 26 recent novels, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Why?  Because that’s the kind of thing book geeks do for fun.  I’m starting with The Abstinence Teacher, scheduled to be released in mid October 2007, by Tom Perrotta.  Here’s what Daniel Field at ReadJunk had to say about it:

“The Abstinence Teacher is definitely Perrotta’s best book yet, and further proof that he is the foremost author writing about suburbia. Like the rest of his novels, this one is based in suburban New Jersey, with this newest one taking shape amongst a tense conflict between the religious right and the idea of free speech. It centres around a divorced mother and sexual education teacher named Ruth Ramsey, who has come under pressure from a local church for her admission that some people enjoy oral sex. The church puts presssure on the school board, and Ruth is forced to teach abstinence using hilariously misinformed materials.”

Visit Perrotta’s website, and while you’re there, check out his book promotion schedule which will take him through Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Georgia, California, Washington, Texas, Mississippi, and Washington D.C. in October and November of 2007.