The Dead Boy at Your Window

Bruce Holland Rogers is a prolific, talented, and award-winning writer.  He has a unique setup on the web where, for a very small fee, you can get 3 of his short short stories a month sent to your email account.  There are different types of discounts available, including one for just plain being broke.

Many of the stories will eventually end up in various publications, but you will see them first.  This seems to me like a great bargain for fans, and once you’ve read his stories, you will be a fan.

Here is an excerpt from a piece called “The Dead Boy at Your Window”:

“His voice was like the rasping of dry leaves. Because it was so hard to hear him, the teacher made all the other students hold their breaths when he gave an answer.  She called on him often, and he was always right.”

You can read the full text of The Dead Boy at Your Window at a website called Tales of the Decongested (which features London-based authors) or on Bruce Holland Rogers’ website.  His site features free samples of his work and various links, including one to his blog.