Zombie Haiku

If you think zombies can’t write poetry, think again.  In his book, Zombie Haiku, Ryan Mecum gives us insight into the inner workings and deepest feelings of the zombie mind.  Here are a couple of examples of what you can expect to find in Zombie Haiku:

blood is really warm
it’s like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming

Looking at my hand
Somehow I lost a finger
And gained some maggots

From here you can visit the Zombie Haiku homepage, read the Zombie Haiku blog (including author touring information — if you’re brave enough to go see him), or buy the book, Zombie Haiku, at amazon.com.

Five Poems and a Manifesto

Kevin McFadden has published 5 poems and a manifesto over at the literary journal, archipelago.  Here is an excerpt from his poem, Amen:

               “Not love, some other empire:

the early attentions and the late attenuations.

But I wanted a lover, not—my abettor—

a better. The awfully big hows of your little

light whys,”

And part of his “manifesto” for Anticism:

“Anticism plays on playfulness (full synapse), the stuff on which dreams are smear’d, on which puns are spun. Its hand is heavy, its soul is light…”

I like the way he plays with language — it’s clever without becoming brainier than thou.  Definitely check out the links above to view more of his work.