Facebook Catches 3 Criminals from Around the World

People often criticize social media and the web in general, but here is proof that the internet, and specifically Facebook, is making the world a better place…

1. Thief Caught Leaving Facebook Open: Some idiot in Pennsylvania logs into Facebook while in the middle of a robbery and forgets to log out.  (Which leaves me wondering–why not just take the computer?)

2. Facebook Foils Bike Thief: An 11-year-old kid in New York get his bike stolen and turns his city into a giant neighborhood watch via Facebook and gets his bike back.

3. Police Ask Facebook Fans to Identify a Thief: Some inept burglar takes his mask off during a heist and police in New Zealand catch him by posting his face all over Facebook.

Which just goes to show you, when used correctly, this inter-web thingy can be really cool.

Twitter Addicts – Why Your Brain is Forcing You to Tweet

I once heard a news story about some sports star who was caught doing crack cocaine.  He told reporters he became addicted the very first time he did the drug.  I remember thinking, “Wow!  That’s powerful stuff.”

And now that same thing has happened to me. Except not with crack cocaine, but with something much more powerful. I’m addicted to Twitter. And I was from the very first time I used it.

I’ve been on Twitter for 5 days.  And when I say I’ve been on it for 5 days, I mean I’ve been on it non-stop for 5 days!  I’ve posted 66 tweets, followed over 200 people (people whose tweets I read), and about 60 of them have followed me back.  I’ve ignored stuff I really needed to be doing so that I could devote as much as my time as possible to Twitter.

I know one of the key steps in facing your addiction is to take responsibility, but really it’s not my fault.  Scientific studies done at the Washington State University and the University of Michigan back me up.  A recent article on these and similar studies on slate.com called Seeking, How the Brain Hard-wires Us to Love Google, Twitter, and Texting explains…

…in some addictions the brain becomes sensitized to the wanting cycle of a particular reward. So addicts become obsessively driven to seek the reward, even as the reward itself becomes progressively less rewarding once obtained.

The article goes on to state:

…all our electronic communication devices—e-mail, Facebook feeds, texts, Twitter—are feeding the same drive as our searches. Since we’re restless, easily bored creatures, our gadgets give us in abundance qualities the seeking/wanting system finds particularly exciting.

If you’re a Twitter addict (or blogging or other computer addict), click the link above to read the article.  As for me, I’m headed over to twitter.com.

(P.S. I found the link to the above-mentioned article on Twitter.) 😉

Freakin’ Donkey-Butt Comment Spammers!!!

Okay, I try not to cuss in this blog, so you can replace “Freakin'” and “donkey-butt” with words of your choice.

One of the things you have to contend with when you put something on the internet and then open it up to comments from the public are spammers, or people who will only comment on your article in order to include a link back to their own website.  Most of the time, they don’t even read what you wrote.  These comments are usually easy to spot, but some bottom-feeders are trickier than others.  I was almost fooled by this guy…

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.
cheers, Tectonics!

I have A Bunch of Wordz set up to approve all comments, so I have to read them first, and I almost put this one through.  But then I looked at the post it was attached to — a very well written and easy to understand piece by guest blogger Lincoln Crisler about how to get published.  What’s there to get lost in translation?  Nothing.

So I decided to take part of the comment, put it in quotes, and google it.  Up came 28 pages of of the same exact comment, all obviously posted by the same person, but signed with different names.  The links all go back to various free lycos websites, none of which have anything on them (they all say “under construction”).  So I don’t even know why this scumbag is spamming everyone when he or she doesn’t even have a website.

Anyway, here’s the dirtbag’s IP address and email:


Email:  degreearm@gmail.com

I couldn’t find their name from the IP address, or I would have posted it.  If you’re more savvy about researching that sort of stuff than I am, feel free to add a comment with the information. 

And please, feel free to email this person, as well.  (Although I would guess, based on all their different names and websites, they have a large number of email accounts.  So I’m not sure if they would read their email any more than they would read an actual webpage they were commenting on).

Gah!  I hate these people.  Anway…end of rant and lemons to lemonade and all of that.  Here are a few posts that this person spammed.  You will find some interesting reading here.