Twins Have Different Dads (I Thought Only Dogs Could Do That)

Here’s something I’ve known for awhile:  puppies in the same litter can be fathered by different dogs.  Here’s something I just found out:  humans can have twins fathered by different fathers!!  At least that’s what a recent NY Daily News article is reporting.

Apparently, Mia Washington didn’t know that either until she found out the hard way when her infidelity resulted in double-daddy twins.  No fertility drugs were being used, so the odds of that happening must have been staggering.  What a way to get caught.

Read the whole story at the link above.

Let Me on MySpace or I’ll Stab You

A man was arrested for cutting his mother with a knife after she wouldn’t let him get on MySpace.  According to myway news, during their fight regarding MySpace:

The mother said she confronted her 6-foot 2-inch tall, 320-pound son, after which he became aggravated and packed his belongings to leave their home.  Police said he pulled out a black and silver knife from his pocket as she tried to take his cellular telephone charger from him and cut her on the left wrist.  The teen then rode his bicycle to a location nearby, where he was later detained by police without further incident.

Some people take their social networking way too seriously.

By the way, this has nothing to do with the story, but looks pretty cool.  It’s a search engine, complete with free email accounts and all the other things you’d expect from similar sites like yahoo or google, whose motto is:  “No banners.  No pop-ups.  No kidding.”  Sounds good.