The Haunt, MySpace-like Site for Horror Fans

Want to hang out in cyberspace with other horror fans?  Think MySpace is for sissies and looking for something darker?  Look no further than The Haunt.

According to the site, The Haunt is an open community for the horror genre, geared towards not only fans of the genre, but insiders and others working within. Publishers, authors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, podcasters and actors are just some of the many faces you’ll see on The Haunt.

I discovered this site through horror author, Michael Arnzen’s, blog.  (You might remember Michael from his previous stint guest-blogging here at A Bunch of Wordz.)  Arnzen is featuring a Pithy Morbid Thought Contest on The Haunt, which you can read more about on his blogThe contest ends April 31, 2009, and he’s giving away a free book to five lucky winners.  You’ll have to sign up for The Haunt to participate, but it’s free, so why not?

***Edit:  Due to technical difficulties, this contest is being re-launched so the deadline has been extended.  See comments and/or visit The Goreletter for more info.***