400 lb. Gingerbread House

Check out this elaborate 400-lb. White House replica gingerbread house, complete with a sugary replica of Bo, the white house dog.  This gingerbread house took 6 weeks to make.

Amazingly, Disney’s Grand Floridian has a tradition of building gingerbread houses that make that one look tiny!  The 2008 Grand Floridian gingerbread house used 1,050 lbs. of honey, alone.  It took over 2 months to make.

To see more not-quite-as-big but still incredibly cool gingerbread houses, check out toptenz.net’s 10 Clever Gingerbread Houses, which includes a gingerbread mansion, gingerbread bridge, and gingerbread townhomes.

A lot of these gingerbread houses are nicer and probably cost more than my actual house.  But at least nobody is going to eat my house. 😉