Los Angeles Writers’ Conference in Orange County

What’s Making Me Happy:  I’m going to my first writers’ conference, ya’ll!  (I never actually say “ya’ll” in real life; I just thought it looked good at the end of that sentence.)  I just signed up for the Southern California Writers’ Conference in “L.A.” in September 2009.

What’s Really Annoying Me:  The Los Angeles conference isn’t in Los Angeles — it’s in Orange County.  Now, this is good news for me as it’s about 15 minutes from my house, provided I’m not traveling during rush hour (in which case, it’s about 45 to 75 minutes from my house).  What’s really annoying me is that The O.C. can’t catch a break, ya’ll!  (Yes it sounded good at the end of that sentence, too.)  I mean, we have The Real Housewives of Orange County, The O.C., The Hills, a movie that takes place in Orange County which is called Orange County, as well as Anaheim Stadium and Disneyland, yet we still get lumped in with Los Angeles.  Orange County is not Los Angeles!  What does a brothuh (or sistuh, or entire county) have to do to get on the map??  It’s wrong, ya’ll, just wrong.