Hater – the Novel Soon to be a Movie

I was looking around for recently published novels when Hater by David Moody came to my attention.  It looks fantastic, and I’ll probably end up buying it in the next week or so.  It must be good as it came out 2 months ago and the movie is already in pre-production.  (The novel was originally self-published in 2006.)  The following is part of a review from Booklist which appears on amazon.com:

“One day Danny McCoyne’s life tends toward the humdrum: job, family, the usual. The next day, suddenly, without warning or explanation, people are turning into killers, murdering their loved ones, attacking perfect strangers. Soon Danny is trying desperately to keep his family safe, while all around him society seems to be self-destructing, as ordinary men and women turn into animals, filled with hate and violence. This is a truly frightening book…”

The review goes on to compare the story to the zombie movie, 28 Days Later.

Drop by David Moody’s blog, which has lots of info for fans.  Moody is also the author of the Autumn book series, which is being made into a movie, as well.