What’s This Site About?

Are you…bored, at work but don’t want to work, at school but don’t want to study, curious, hungry for good internet content, or all of the above?  Part blog, part magazine, this site will feed your mind with lots of yummy reading, including links to all the coolest literary sites, funniest blog entries, most interesting news stories, and other random stuff — all pre-screened by me (so that you don’t have to search through the boring stuff to get to the good stuff) and ready for your intellectual consumption. 

Bookmark it now and visit often!  Or better yet, make this your homepage and always have something interesting to read when you log on.

If you want to see some of my own poetry, visit the Edie Montgomery-Pool category.


  1. From what I gather this is going to be a winner and a must read site. It has a fell of excitement. I plan to submit poems and hope for publication. One would be proud to be published here. Thank you for being here. I wish you much success and blessings.

  2. It has a *feel of excitement that is!

  3. a lovely goal. i added you to my blogroll. please keep posting. ; )

  4. Thanks for the nice response, Kim and Jak! 🙂

  5. I came in because of guest blogger Michael Arnzen and I’ll stay because of the quality of your work. This deserves bookmarking.

    Thank you,
    –Greg “The Undead Rat”

  6. Have a nice day !

  7. After your fabulous review of my Hamster-Britain stories, how could I not bookmark this site? Thank you hugely.


  8. Just stopped by for two things. To congratulate you on 50,000+ hits, and to tell you that I have returned wit Tangentially Tooty, and that my Hamster Britain tales are available from Lulu on-line publishing.


  9. Great site! It is very well done and I am enjoying reading through it. I have several health issues the worst being chronic pain. I read, I read a lot, as I find it distracts me from the pain. I am always thrilled when I come upon a good site such as this that I know will be interesting, enjoyable and a great distraction.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Jeannette – thank you for your comment and glad I could help!

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