A Talent for BS

I’m embarrassed to say just how far along I got in the completely satirical article called Going Underground, Poetry on the Fringe before I realized not a word of it was true.  Here is an excerpt:

“The Word Maggots have been writing as a group for six years. They meet underneath a railway bridge in the Adelaide foothills. Unlike the other groups, and as their name suggests, they do work with words. But unlike traditional poets, the Word Maggots do not write with paper and pen, they write with paint, chalk and other substances on a variety of surfaces. Their most infamous work is an epic entitled ‘How Now’ which was written on a herd of cows. Each cow featured only one or two words of the poem. With the animals in constant motion, the poem never read the same way twice.

‘’How Now’ was our masterpiece,’ says Maggot leader, Leon O. ‘Until then, we’d only worked with much smaller creatures – dogs, cats, mice. The sheer size of a cow allowed us to say so much more.’”

This post comes from the blog Nausea, which is about “pop culture, poetry, and the modern condition.”  Unfortunately, it looks like Nausea stopped being updated at the end of 2006, but there are still plenty of archived entries there for your reading enjoyment.


  1. That’s the most brilliant piece of satire I’ve read in ages. Thanks for the link! I’ll definitely be coming back here to look around a lot more.

    Sharon Hurlbut

  2. Hi, Sharon. Glad you like the site. 🙂

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