The Sens-Dep Experience

The Sens-Dep Experience is a blog written by Zack (a college student) and his mom, dad, roommate, and ex-girlfriend.  Zack writes on his About Page:

“I am content to use this like a journal, although out of awareness of the public nature of the medium, I have occasionally tempered my words to spare loved ones. Just, not very often.”

His latest post is about the chicken problems in Missoula, Montana (hey, somebody’s got to get the word out!).  It’s a very good blog, and I think you should go visit it right now.


  1. Heh…good stuff, the Sens-Dep. I don’t know you and you probably will never bother to get to know me, but Zakkun’s been my bestie since high school…and you have no~o idea how excited he was when he gave me this link…definitely made his day. ^^

  2. Aww…that is super cool that he was excited. I’m glad I could make his day. And what a cute bff name…Zakkun. 🙂

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