Harry Potter Poetry

Poetry and Harry Potter are two of the things I like the most, and now a website called Lumos has had the brilliant idea to combine the two. 

For example, “Go-Getter” by screen name, duj, is all about Ginny’s feelings for Harry:

“Was it jealousy prompting your jeering at Fleur?
If you’d been a veela and lovely as her,
He’d have noticed you sooner as more than Ron’s sister
And kissed you as sweetly as brother Bill kissed her…”

Night Visions & Astral Flight” by screen name, LoneStarVamp, tells of the Forbidden Forest:

“Moonlight and mist snake through twisted barriers
of branch and thorn,
Weaving a tapestry of the fallen and forgotten…”

The Thestral’s Nursery Rhyme” by screen name, Melusina, is quite clever, following the numerous deaths of one wizard’s very unlucky family and counting thestrals along the way.  Each stanza starts:

“Fiddle-dee, Fiddle-dee, Fiddle-dee-dee,
How many Thestrals can you see?”

Follow the links to see the full poems.  Lumos also features Harry Potter fan fiction and art.

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