Strong Verse

In keeping with the Orson Scott Card theme of the previous post, did you know this best selling author also publishes a poetry ezine?  Strong Verse publishes new poetry every 3 days by various authors, including a few by Card himself.

Here is part of a poem called “Blood Sucker” by Catherine E. Bollinger:

“And Mama,
she was a spider,
fat and happy in the center of her web.
Now and then, to amuse herself,
she’d pluck a strand, and watch us
struggle to hold on.”

To read the rest of this poem, go here, to read some of Orson Scott Card’s poems, go here, or to visit the Strong Verse homepage, go here.

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  1. If Bollinger’s childish poem is an example of what Boomers are penning these days, it’s no wonder 1 in 8 is likely to come down with Alzheimer’s. Mr. Card must be in sad need of poets if he considers that to be art.

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